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About me

My handmade ceramics are influenced by my surroundings, what I feel and see, conversations with other artists, friends, and family.

I'm a small scale maker based in east London making beautiful handmade functional decorative ceramics that compliment any room or workspace.

I throw my pieces on the wheel using smooth or semi smooth clays, which I decorate with a coloured slip or underglaze, these are then trimmed, fired and then glaze fired using a transparent glaze. 



Trimmed and stamped bowls

Greenware bowls, trimmed and stamped. These are dried before they go into the kiln for their first firing. 


Vases just thrown on the wheel

New vases/bottles just thrown on the pottery wheel. 


Small tapas plates decorated with slip

New tapas plates, thrown, slightly dried and then slip decorated and trimmed. 

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