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Made with stoneware and porcelain clays, this beautiful handmade shallow bowl is a perfect way to brighten up your meal times or your room. It's also a perfect gift for that special someone. 


I make all my work by hand giving each piece individual care, love and attention. This can mean that each piece is slightly different and will have it's own uniqueness. 


Dishes are approximately 25cm wide and are sold as individual items. 


Each piece takes weeks to make: from picking the right clay or clays, mixing the colours, throwing each piece, adding the surface decoration, drying, then trimming, drying, first firing, sanding, glazing to add that glass like protective layer so the dish is food safe, last firing and then polishing. The outside is smooth and unglazed. 


All dishes are food and dish washer safe. Although I prefer to hand wash my dishes. 


Your dish will be carefully packed so it arrives safely and ready for you to use.

Stoneware and porcelain handmade bowl with blue splashes, serving dish, crockery

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